Doctor Who Banner Exchange

About the Doctor Who Banner Exchange

This free banner exchange works on a similar principle to other link exchange programmes on the Web:

How it works:

  1. Join the exchange by sending details of your site via the sign-up form.
    You will also need a suitable banner image for promoting your site (a GIF or JPEG measuring 468x60 pixels). View the list of members for examples of suitable banner images.

  2. Add the banner exchange HTML to your site. You will receive this HTML via e-mail when your application is accepted. Or, after you join, you can view it at any time by logging in to the admin page.
    This HTML simply allows other site's banners to be shown on your site. You can see an example of what this HTML block looks like at the bottom of the front page.

  3. Sit back and enjoy increased numbers of visitors to your site!
    Every time one of your site visitors views a page containing the banner exchange HTML, you will earn one "credit" which entitles your site banner to be shown once on someone else's Doctor Who site. It's that simple!
    (Site owners can view stats for their banner(s) by logging in to the admin page.)

For any questions on how the Banner Exchange works, you can send e-mail to: Email address hidden to deter spammers