About Timelash.com

  • What is Timelash.com?
    Timelash.com is (or at least intended to be!) a home for original & interesting Doctor Who-related content. The Timelash.com domain was registered in early 2000, but some of the parts of this site (The TARDIS Library and The Bloopers List) are even older, dating back to the mid-90s.

  • Why the name "Timelash"?
    Doctor Who fans will know that Timelash is the name of a 1985 episode, part of Colin Baker's first season as the Sixth Doctor. In the story, the "timelash" is a time tunnel used by the evil ruler of the planet Karfel to dispose of his enemies.

    The story is widely regarded as a bit of a clunker by Who fans, but I confess to a certain soft spot for it. Any story that features an overacting Paul Darrow (Avon from Blake's 7), a blue-skinned blonde android, and a half-man half-lizard mad scientist, can't be all bad!

    Anyway, it ticked the boxes for being a good domain name (short, memorable, easy to spell, not trademarked). And, as some sort of cosmic portent, the final episode originally aired on my birthday (though I wasn't watching it at the time -- we couldn't pick up the BBC where I grew up in the West of Ireland).

  • Who created Timelash.com?
    That would be me, Daniel O'Malley. You can find my personal homepage at: www.timelash.com/dan
    If you need to get in touch with me for any reason, there's always my Feedback page.

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