Myth Makers 51: David Brierley

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Starring: David Brierley
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Edition: UK UK (VHS)
Released:  April 2001
Publisher:  Reeltime Pictures
Format: 1 x VHS PAL

Note:  Subsequently re-released on DVD.

Cover blurb:
"I had no idea of the impact that little creature had... the kids loved him... and the grown-ups loved him as well!"

At first glance, DAVID BRIERLEY would seem an unlikely choice to take over from JOHN LEESON as the voice of K9. As one of Britain's dedicated character actors DAVID had built a career in television, theatre, radio and commercials that paid a living and still allowed him to walk down the street unnoticed. He was happy — he didn't really want to be K9's voice!

Perhaps it was the wealth of experience that DAVID could bring to K9, his ability to give K9 more depth, that appealed to CHRISTOPHER BARRY and JOHN NATHAN-TURNER when they were casting for CREATURE FROM THE PIT. Whatever their reasons — they wanted DAVID.

In this MYTH MAKERS, NICHOLAS BRIGGS finds out why DAVID finally took the job and the challenges and rewards he found. And why did he leave after only one season?

All this and more in the latest MYTH MAKERS release.

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