The Dr Who Annual 1976

No. 10 of 25 in the World Annuals series
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Editions:  UK (hardback) | Netherlands (hardback)
Note:Features the fourth Doctor, Sarah and Harry. An electronic (PDF file) version of this annual was included as an extra on the Genesis of the Daleks DVD. The story The Sinister Sponge was released as an audio reading as part of The Sinister Sponge & Other Stories.

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Edition: UK (hardback)
Released:  September 1975
Publisher:  World Distributors
Format: hardback
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  • A New Life
  • The Hospitality on Hankus
  • The Psychic Jungle (comic strip)
  • The Sinister Sponge
  • Neuronic Nightmare (comic strip)
  • Avast There!
  • The Mission

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Edition: Netherlands (hardback)
Title:  Dr Who
Released:  December 1975
Publisher:  Mulder
Format: hardback

Note:  Simply titled "Dr Who", this was the only foreign-language version of an annual ever published, and only one of two non-UK editions (the other being an Australian edition of the 2006 annual). Contents are the same as the UK edition, just translated into Dutch — though for obvious reasons the crossword puzzle is not included.

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