The Lucy Wilson Mysteries: The Midnight People

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By:John Peel
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When:  9 March 2019
Publisher:  Candy Jar Books
Format: paperback
Candy Jar Books

Note:  Aimed at younger readers, this is the third in a series of novels spun off from the Lethbridge-Stewart book series, featuring the Brigadier's granddaughter.

Cover blurb:
Monknash was once home to a band of smugglers, but it is now dull and boring. Except to Greg Morton, whos absolutely terrified something unimaginable has happened to everyone in the village. He telephones his friend, Hobo, to ask for help.

When Hobo and Lucy arrive, they discover that something odd is definitely going on — but what? People seem joyless and dull, showing no emotions at all. Even Greg, who now insists that he was joking, seems very different.

Why are people walking toward the cliffs at the stroke of midnight? Who is the lady in the wheelchair? What are the villagers trying to protect in the caves? And why can't the local policeman see anything strange?

Can Lucy and Hobo take on an entire village by themselves?

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