Image of the Fendahl:

10ep 1 – When the TARDIS console room tips up, in the background you can see that the Doctor's hat-stand stays upright. But in the next TARDIS scene, we see the same hat-stand being picked up from the ground by the Doctor and Leela!

20ep 1 – When the Doctor and Leela emerge from the TARDIS into the field, look carefully and you'll notice that the light on top of the TARDIS is missing!

30ep 2 – How exactly does the Doctor manage to get out of that locked cupboard?

40ep 2 – Keep an eye on the scene when Ted Moss visits Max Stael, just after Max says: "I will deal with them. Now go, quickly." As they walk toward the door, the cameraman moves with them, but then bumps into the table with an awful clunk and shakes the camera very noticeably.

50ep 2 – At the end of the episode, the Doctor offers the Fendahl skull a jelly baby, but it's clearly a liquorice allsort.

60ep 3 – For a prime example of wobbling set syndrome, check out the corridor walls at the beginning of this episode, when Leela is searching for the Doctor.

70ep 3 – At one stage there's a shot of Leela asleep on the TARDIS floor. Not only is the floor extremely dirty (the penalty for having an all-white set) but there are visible gaps between the walls and the floor, and a big clunky bracket is visibly holding together two of the walls.

80ep 3 – We know from the talk between Stael and Ted Moss in Part 2 that there are supposed to be twelve coven members at the Fendahl summoning ceremony. However, the shots of the ceremony show only eleven members of the coven, including Stael. Even stranger, the count of eleven is confirmed by the Doctor's line about the Fendahleen in Part 4: "I killed one, and Stael shot himself; there are only ten left." Presumably, either the writer or the director lost track and thought that the Fendahleen killed by the Doctor should be counted among the twelve — however, that Fendahleen was not formed from a member of the coven, but was "created out of pure energy, while the skull was restructuring Thea's brain".
[Terrance Dicks corrected this error in the novelisation]

90ep 3 – When Fendelman is haranguing Stael, he's tied to a supposedly solid stone column behind him — which, you've guessed it, wobbles badly as we watch.

100ep 4 – The Doctor talks about the Fendahl killing Mitchell and the hiker, but how does he know who they are?

110ep 4 – The cameraman has another bumpy time in the cellar when the Doctor is bringing Max Stael a pistol with which to commit suicide. As Tom Baker stomps across the platform, the camera shakes around terribly, especially at the exact moment Tom vanishes behind the Fendahl Thea.

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