The Idiot's Lantern:

10 Despite being set in 1953, you can plainly see modern uPVC windows and double glazing all around the place.

20 Watch out for the crew, camera, boom mike and dolly track all reflecting in the Doctor's crash helmet at the start of the episode.

30 If the Doctor believed that he had arrived in New York, why ride out on a scooter with British number plates?
[Were the number plates slightly psychic...?]

40 The Doctor has his facts mixed up regarding Elvis — the famous performance of 'Hound Dog' which caused "loads of complaints" was actually on the Milton Berle Show, not Ed Sullivan.

50 The BBC's famous "bat's wings" ident are clearly visible on the televisions, but that logo wasn't introduced until December 1953, a whole 6 months after the Queen's Coronation.

60 And the episode of 'Take it from Here' heard on the Connolly's wireless wasn't actually broadcast until 15th June 1953, 2 weeks after the Coronation.

70 Notice that the entire family stay sitting during the National Anthem — highly unlikely, since it was very much the norm at the time to stand to attention no matter where/when "God Save the Queen" was played — in cinemas, at concerts, etc. (and of course, TV would be no different).
[Kids these days... no sense of patriotism]

80 If all The Wire's victims just stand still with "almost complete neural shutdown" as the Doctor puts it, why (or how) is Tommy's gran banging on the floor?

90 When the Doctor's exploring the warehouse where the police are stuffing all the faceless folk, you can hear his footsteps quite distinctly, even though he's wearing his usual sneakers.

100 So, there are all these people staggering about "sans visage", and yet no-one seems to have called a doctor or taken them to the hospital? Even in 1953, suddenly finding a family member missing a face would precipitate a hasty visit to casualty, wouldn't it? Why would anyone call the police? And even if they did, why would the police have the victims pacing around in cages like animals in a zoo? Why not put them in a hospital ward?

110 The TV aerial being attacked by the streamer thingy appears to be a UHF aerial — unfortunately, 625-line UHF broadcasting didn't hit the UK until 1964. A 1950s-style VHF aerial would be X or H-shaped instead.

120 The Doctor smashes a window in the door of Magpie's shop to get inside...but when he and Tommy come out afterwards, all the glass in the door appears to be intact.

130 When the Wire attacks the Doctor, Tommy and D.I. Bishop, how does Tommy escape being "de-faced", unlike the unfortunate copper?

140 Tommy states that they're in Muswell Hill — er, not with that view of Alexandra Palace, they're not. The location at the bottom of the hill suggests it's either Hornsey or Crouch End.

150 How do the Doctor and Tommy keep up with Magpie when they follow him to Alexandra Palace? Magpie not only has a head start, but he travels in a van rather than on foot, plus the Doctor and Tommy have to stop to collect their equipment, then set it up once they arrive. So how do they get to the transmitter so soon behind Magpie?
[Did he stop for a wee?]

160 The Doctor manages to bluff his way past the official by using his trusty old psychic paper to impersonate royalty. But why doesn't the official think it suspicious that the King of Belgium carries an ID card??

170 When the Doctor is climbing the TV mast towards the end, look carefully at one of the overhead shots to see his foot disappear for a split second as Tennant's shoe presumably strays outside the green-screen area.

180 So when the Wire gets "recorded" onto videotape, how exactly do the faces and minds get back to their right owners so quickly and neatly? Surely the Doctor just trapped the Wire, preventing further victims? (Unlikely the faces were broadcast back through the TV, since Rose, Gran, etc. would hardly have had a TV in their "cage"!)

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